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Ghost 2004-05-25 05:12

Favourite Distortion Pedal
Whats your favourite distotion pedal after years of trying as many as i can ( including the hugely dissapointing Ibanez smashbox) im finally happy using the Digitech Metalmaster.

Slabbefusk 2004-05-25 08:54

i use boss mega distortion. no bullshit.

BEHEMOTH 2004-05-25 11:58

at home I use the Boss metal zone, but i donīt like it very much, what about the "death metal, DOD"?

xdislexicx 2004-05-25 16:11

the metal zone only sounds good scooped imo. and it sounds kinda thin. the metal master and dod grunge pedals dont even have mid controls, which is very important.. the dod death metal doesnt have any gain control.... the smash box just wasnt very impressive... the big muff sounds really cool, but not alot of tone shaping controls. the boss mega distortion seems like a thicker metalzone to me.

i just use my jmp 1 for distortion. it sounds better than any pedal.

younguitarist 2004-05-25 16:37

i dont really use dist pedals.but i guess ill go w/ the metalzone.dont really like it though.dod pedals suck

DeathCS 2004-05-25 17:15

Originally Posted by xdislexicx
i just use my jmp 1 for distortion. it sounds better than any pedal.

You use a pedal for distortion??

Corpsevomit98 2004-05-25 17:31

Boss MT-2 Metalzone, it has a wide variety of tone which i can shape to just about any sound i want.

FearFrost 2004-05-25 20:33

^^^^ what he said.

MoonRaven 2004-05-25 21:06

i like my effects processor, a old zoom 2020, i am gonna get a new eventually, if i can find one that gets a better sound out of one, i had a digitech metalmaster, as well as a ibanez tubescreamer, and i can get better distortion and overdrive with my processor.

BLS 2004-05-25 21:07

My pedal pretty big... its called a 5150 :p

FearFrost 2004-05-25 21:12


DEAD 2004-05-25 21:26

...and no.

DeathCS 2004-05-25 22:02

Distortion pedals are for n00bs :p

xdislexicx 2004-05-25 22:17

Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
You use a pedal for distortion??

no, i use my jmp 1... it's my preamp, not a pedal.... so it's my "amps distortion"..
pedals just don't cut it in the real world. any serious gigging musician will tell you that. mostly because in order for a pedal to sound good with an amp the amp has to have a great clean channel that stays clean when turned up. and even then, just the overall power behind a good amps distortion is just something a pedal cant give.
when i went from pedal to my mesa vtwin rack preamp, the vtwin didnt have as much "gain" as some of the pedals i had been playing on, but when i turned it up the power and tone(that wasnt lost like with pedals :D )made me never look back. since then i've moved on to even better preamps with more gain and power.
i've owned my share of pedals in the past, but looking back now.... i should have just not bought a dozen different distortion/o.d. pedals(that just end up broken,stolen,lost,sold for less,ect.) .. instead i should have just bought a jmp-1 in the begining. :)

metalprep6969 2004-05-25 22:33

xdislexicx, do you run ur preamp before your amp's preamp, in the effects loop, or is it the only preamp that you have and you use a separate power amp? i'm not very familiar with separate preamps...


xdislexicx 2004-05-26 07:43

i run my preamp into a poweramp. so it works like a head only better :rolleyes:

Def 2004-05-26 09:18

depends what kinda gear is in the rack ;)

distortion pedals suck, IMO.

theres only one I'de consider, thats the ProCon Rat. I used a metalzone in the past, its not that bad really, but I'll take the sound of overdriven tubes any day

The Doctor 2004-05-26 09:55

im not a expert on prices so ill ask this here.

I have 100 euros to spend on a distortion pedal, what can i get for that price?

johnmansley 2004-05-26 12:56

I use the Boss MT-2 because I think it offers the best distortion and versatility of all the distortion pedals around. Amp distortion will always be better but I haven't got a good amp and I wouldn't be able to play it loud anyway!

Doc: You should be able to get a brand new MT-2 for that price. If not, you'll definitely be able to get one second hand.

daggerfall 2004-05-26 14:00

Amp distortion is not better than pedals from my experience. Even the "cheap" mt-2 gives better distortion that the dist. on the amp on a marshall stack in my opinion.

The very best thing is overdriven tubes :beer:

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