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MeTaL MaStEr 2004-05-24 17:59

Dimmu Borgir- Dark Army
Im a fan of Dimmu Borgir, and i downloaded a song called Dimmu-Borgir- Dark Army. Im not sure if its dimmu borgirg, or if it is, but its the wrong name of the song. Some of the lyrics go: "The dark army rises again, the living is becomming the dead." so if any one the real name of it, or the real preformers, it would really help me because its a great song. Thanks for the help. Would apreciate it. :beer:

CarnivorousWind 2004-05-24 20:30

Like Dissection said in the last post its by the band Dark Army it might be a song of theirs called Dark Army... So it'd probaly be
Dark Army-Dark Army.

Exhumed88 2004-05-24 20:30

hey dude, that song is not by Dimmu Borgir, it's band called Dark Army, and yes they have a song called Dark army, they're very good. i am pretty sure thats the song as i have not listened to them in about a year, but it should be 'em. hope that helped ya. Eternal Hails!!

CarnivorousWind 2004-05-24 20:31

haha Beat you to it. :p

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