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PantericA 2003-06-11 20:35

practice, practice, practice. that's all i can say. that, and try to hit the string with a bit more force with your thumb.

metal=life 2003-06-11 21:23

yeah and its harder to do it on old strings. You need new ones with a nice ring. Try placing your finger in different locations around the neck pickup too.

!!RaGe!! 2003-06-12 09:04

yeh u just gotta keep practicing but remember unless ur real good at emm then u wont b able to hit emm in every fret and all guitars are diffrent including with tunings. the easyiest ones on the A string wood b 2nd 3rd 5th 7th and 9th but keep on trying and trying. when i did my first ever one i was so excited lol, cos i just love the sound of it and no i cant stop doing emm hahaha

metal=life 2003-06-12 09:36

Practice that lick in Spirit Crusher (Death). The chorus part has a pinch on the 5th fret on the A string.

freek666 2003-06-16 18:25

OH MY GOD!!!! i finally pulled off that pinch from "no more tears!!!" AHAHAHAHA!!!!! i'm ecstatic...:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

mind_cancer 2003-06-23 08:18

if you wanna learn tap,pinch,whatever harmonics just practice them.just cause some dude told you how to doesnt mean your gonna be playing like reji wooten in 2 hours,and it depends on what you want from your harmonics,if your mixing them in with regular notes,then whatevers easier,pinch harmonics are good for some evil sounding shit.isn tthat what you want? listen to jazz fusion like the tribal tech and vital tech tones some of thats harmonics galore,:uzi:

mind_cancer 2003-06-23 08:29

what? wasnt this about pinch harmonics? arent they exactly the same on every fret?your thinkin of natueral harmonics pinch/artificial fuckers are just fake harmonics, all you need to do is play the note and slightly touch the string with your fretting hand,hey ho you just did a harmonic and if you cant do that,just give up on harmonics and learn oasis songs,but why would you wanna use harmonics all the time? most people watching your band or whatever probably dont have a clue what it is,so if you do a couple they might think,hey what the fuck was that but if your being mr harmonic it kinda loses its thing,you know,next lesson tapping and thumping

i play as fast as i can im the gingerbreadman

Dyldo 2003-06-23 14:13

What the fuck are you talking about?

PantericA 2003-06-23 22:31

obviously an idiot

x2xAtreyux2x 2003-06-23 22:38

Originally posted by !!RaGe!!
unless ur real good at emm then u wont b able to hit emm in every fret and all guitars are diffrent including with tunings.


MeTalManiac555 2003-06-24 10:15

Originally posted by Darko
What the fuck are you talking about?

Yeah Darko, I am still trying to figure that out as well. That dude doesn't know what the fuck he is doing or talking about. Everyone should just pretend they didn't see that post and move on.:p

metal=life 2003-07-05 20:10

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!:idea: wait...nevermind..

*hits the bowl*

metal=life 2003-07-05 21:49

Zakk's version of anything is kickass. Purple Haze for example...

freek666 2003-08-04 14:02

agreed.. that dude pulls off pinches like nothing. i'm slowly getting there though, as like i pinch as much as i can.. in fact at this very moment, i feel like pinchin a monster loaf... go figure..

anyway, pinches, once you get them down can be pretty easy. the 6th string will give you problems at first.. my technique is to keep the fleshy part of my thumb on the string until the harmonic completely takes over the note sound.. it works like a charm every time.. i can squeal my strings insanely loud....:D

metal=life 2003-08-04 15:06

I've always done them with my index finger. I can switch pick holding positions to do this in like .0001 seconds so I don't have a problem with it.

Exodus666 2003-08-27 15:04

Originally posted by Atheist
I personally wouldnt recommend anyone trying pinch harmonics with any other finger besides their thumb - using thumb seems to allow for much better transition from normal picking to a pinch harmonic. The thumb should be close to the picking point of the pick so a slight twist of the wrist will allow the thumb surface to brush the string ever so slightly. I have noticed that heavier strings require a more aggressive (for lack of a better term) brush against the strings compared to the higher strings which require a very delicate touch. Also, each seperate note on each string requires different pressure than the lower or higher notes next to it. This isnt really an issue as you sort of develop a "finger memory." Pickups with more output and distortion levels are a big help. With my Duncan Invader pickup and metalzone pedal I can tremelo pick while hitting a pinch harmonic on each pick - sounds crazy.

These are my personal observations - pretty much just stating what has been said before, hah. If I can I will try to post some images of how I hold my pick and the whole wrist twist in action (not talking about masturbating, haha)

Are you gonna post those images? They would help alot mate!

Landslide 2003-09-14 20:02

I still can't do the bastards consistently, but I'm getting there. When I do one my older brother gets all patronising and says "well done" before playing the intro to "The Rage to Overcome". Bastard.:rolleyes:

BeastOfCarrion 2003-09-17 08:01

i can get em when thats all im doing, but when i try to add it too the end of a riff (e.g. Metallica - No Remorse) i usually miss the string, but with all things practice is definately helping

its somewhat daunting that i just cant get it and others i know manage to pull it out of their ass somehow on the first atempt, but i spose that they have been playing for a number of years more than i have.

RUSSIANROULETTE 2003-09-21 00:45

I learned how to do artificial/pinch harmonics a while ago, took me like a week to learn. I don't use my thumb though, I'm a demon with my ring finger. Anyways, I have a question...

This might be a dumb question but as I've said before I'm retarded. OK, maybe this doesn't have a name but here it goes: What is it called when you pull down the trem bar (not all the way down so that it's touching the guitar but enough so that the strings flop) and pull a pinch harmonic on the open D string (or any other string, this is just the one I usually do) and slowly release pressure on the trem so you get a really long squeal much like the p.h. in the end of "Cemetary Gates"?

P.S. How would I tab that? I need to know to tab some Exhorder songs

powersofterror 2003-12-31 17:36

That is a dive bomb.

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