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AnubisXy 2004-05-08 05:57

Anyone here want to take a stab??
At putting a decent drum line on these simple riffs? I suck with percussion instruments and software. =[

Exodus666 2004-05-08 11:53

Sure man I would try but your sound file gives a fault...

Try putting it in mp3 or something. High khz and give me the BPM too.

AnubisXy 2004-05-08 13:29

Here you go, I converted it to mp3, sound quality suffered though. Weird that you get a fault. I'm not sure about the BPM, but it's pretty slow, see if ya can get a feel for it. It's notthing special, just some slow rhythem tracks that I would like to play lead over. Feel free to splice where needed ETC.

Exodus666 2004-05-08 14:00

Hey man that sounds pretty neat. I like the sound and the riffs!

But you can't expect me to actually drum over that man. I mean, i'm working with a machine that requires a certain entry for speed.

I could fix something on that sample but it would take me ages. So your choice:

1/ I fix you some drumsamples that are approaching the speed of your riffs (but they will be separate so you will have to play over them)

2/ you record your riffs and you need to tell me at what BPM they are because I can't go sitting around mixing drumfiles while advancing one BPM each time until I got it. It would take me weeks, lol.

AnubisXy 2004-05-08 14:37

fix me some drum tracks, I'll come up with some rythems for em. =] Would appreciate it, I'm horrid with percussion.

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