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PathofObscurity 2004-05-01 08:05

Bolt Thrower
What does everyone think of bolt thrower. I picked up For Victory on e-bay and I think it's awesome let me know what you think

Pentacle 2004-05-01 09:14

War master and Mercenary are their best albums to my opinion

messiah_to_burn 2004-05-01 09:26

that group is genuine and true as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a must for a real one.

Ten Ton Alien 2004-05-01 15:46

i have War Master and it's great.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-05-01 22:24

i really enjoy Both Thrower, they are a good band that has remained consistant throughout their career, im looking forward to a new album, hopefully in the near future

Anubis 2004-05-02 00:40

I dig 'em man. One of the few death bands that doesn't totally rely on blastbeats. Good imposing intro riffs, Unleashed Upon Mankind comes to mind.

PathofObscurity 2004-05-02 03:25

While we are on the subject
Does anyone know the tuning they use sounds like D or possibly on some songs C# let me know what you think

messiah_to_burn 2004-05-02 07:14

they should download 3 full steps dawn or maybe four
"si"(b) or "la"(a)

Agent-Orange 2004-05-03 05:01

Warmaster fucking rules!!

Kokaiinum 2004-05-04 13:56

I have heard them for years now. But them best album must be Relms Of Chaos. I like the dark and gritty sound quality on that album.

But the rest is cool too.

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