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Mindfreak 2004-04-28 19:29

Please help! Death metal questions
Hiya...I know there are a couple thread about this already but....aight I'm in a death metal band....and I'm not getting what I want out of my dist. pedal (Boss Heavy Metal HM-2). I have a BC Rich Warlock. Ok. What pedal would be best, and should I worry about getting different pickups as well? I was thinking about the DOD Death metal pedal but ppl said it had a lotta feedback...then another person said they used the DOD Grunge pedal for a death band and it sounded good? Any opinions?

BLS 2004-04-28 20:30

I once owned a HM-2 it was only good for a metallica sound. Im sure you'll be happy with a MT-2 you cna get almsot any sound out of that pedal. Oh and avoid all DOD products

DeathCS 2004-04-28 21:02

Yeah DOD sucks. I would recommend the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 pedal. Great tone. Pickups can make a difference but its not that big a deal unless the stock pickups really blow. EMGs are good if you like active pickups other wise for passive I'd go for the Seymour Duncan Invaders. Dimarzio Tone Zones are good too.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-04-28 22:52

if you want to sound like shitily distorted 15yr old Cannibal Corpse, all the time, then by all means get the DOD Death Metal pedal, if you have taste in music and like some variation to your sound then go for something better

i have an MT-2 i have gotten all sorts of sounds on, like chainsaw distortion (not the greatest but pretty good anyway) really brutal grind type distortion (that gave my amp feedback when i plaed muted notes) and Iron Maiden style distortion

i can not say enough good things about it considering how much i paid for it

BUT make sure you have enough money to get an adaptor, becuase batteries fucking suck

johnmansley 2004-04-29 04:13


brainsforbreakfast 2004-04-29 05:08

^ that pedal can make even shitty amps sound good

xdislexicx 2004-04-29 07:49

a nice tube amp could make that pedal sound bad. :)

Slabbefusk 2004-04-29 10:05

Boss Mega Distortion

Panda 2004-04-29 14:03

don't fuck arround with dist pedals ... i've never seen someone who reached the blowing distortion of a nice high gain amp but anyway if u really want to i recommned the mt-2. u can play death with it and if u somehow feel to play something else u can afford nice dist sound for other genres as well.

Mindfreak 2004-04-29 15:07

ok thanx everyone. i forgot to mention - i was thinking of the now i probably will just get that. money is a big problem with me so i dunno bout a new amp or anthing.....lets see....i oew my dad $150 for new 4 wheeler tires....i just bought a $150 guitar.....i owe my friend $20....and my girlfirnds b-day is comin up and i dont have any i want a dist. pedal.......anybody wanna donate money to a uhh.....worthy cause?

BestialWarrior 2004-04-29 15:10

Well, I know DOD ain't the hottest distortion out there, but I have an old
fx59 distortion pedal and the rp200. If I combine those two, I can come up with pretty heavy distortion. Probably too much. Of course you have the watch the volume control, otherwise, you'll get feedback like a motherfucker! And don't stand too close to the amp. Doing that will refrain the feedback a little. Aside from this setup, I ain't looking for anything expensive yet. I'm waiting til the summer to get something even better. If I get the amp I used to have(a Peavy 112 Transtube series), and a peavy processor(with decent distortion), I won't have any more distortion problems. Thats just what I would go with..
To those who have heard my music cd(songs 19-22) I used a peavy 112 tubed amp(cant remember the actual model name,Special?) and a peavy processor(cant remember the darn model on this either,lol), and using a B.C.Rich Warlock Rg. I think that was my best sound yet.
I look forward to getting that kind of sound again.

BLS 2004-04-29 15:16

You guys ever think that maybe he dosent have the money for a high gain tube amp????

Mindfreak 2004-04-29 15:21

lol yeah seriously. but ya know......we could change the money problem...hey! good idea......1 dollar isnt a lot at all......ok everybody who is a member of metaltabs forum - gimme a dollar!

xdislexicx 2004-04-29 16:33

start saving.... :)

Panda 2004-04-30 07:32

then save the money wich u usually spend in crappy pedals ffs and sell ure old amp

skcoffan 2004-07-06 14:58

2 effects
Get a digitech metal master and a boss super octave for a deeper distortion

Def 2004-07-06 15:04

Originally Posted by Mindfreak
lol yeah seriously. but ya know......we could change the money problem...hey! good idea......1 dollar isnt a lot at all......ok everybody who is a member of metaltabs forum - gimme a dollar!

hm.. let me think about it.



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