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harvester of sorrow 2004-04-06 20:50

In Flames North American Tour
Anyone goin to In Flames North American Tour? I'm goin to the Denver, CO show!!! :beer:

harvester of sorrow 2004-05-26 23:11

I lied...I couldnt make the show...damn it. :bawling:

BLS 2004-05-26 23:48

They suck now and their playing with killswitch engage. I would waste my money on that tour, be happy you missed it

FearFrost 2004-05-27 10:50

I agree with BLS, i saw inflames with slayer when R2R came out, and i thought they were ok, but my bro saw them when "The Jester Race" came out, and he said what i saw was garbage.

harvester of sorrow 2004-05-30 00:04 not too disappointed cuz i went and saw Children of Bodom instead.

BLS 2004-05-30 01:48

hmmmmm korn ripoff + lame emo inspired "metal" band or CoB.... shit you pciked the wrong fucking show DUMBASS :p

Father Death 2004-05-30 12:27

COB might as well be Power metal w/all thier poppy shit riffs

BLS 2004-05-30 13:03

They can be whatever the fuck they want... they'll still kick ass

harvester of sorrow 2004-05-30 13:45

I was gonna see Bodom anyway. I still wanted to see In Flames though...its better than the punk rock crap(good charllotte, etc..) and nu-metal around here. O well, Ive seen pretty good concerts this year. One summer sanitarium, another Metallica one and Children of Bodom. My friend wants me to go see Zao with him but Ive heard one of their songs and I thought it sucked ass. Are they pretty good?

MassMurderer 2004-05-30 14:01

Yea, In Flames USED to be good, but Soundtrack to your Escape sucked my sweaty nuggets, so even if they came to my city i probably wouldn't go, cause they're garbage now.

sarah 2004-08-13 03:22

well I don't think they're garbage.......I'm sure they were different in times like jester race/BAI .......but I've never had the possibility to see them then so I was very happy to see them on their Soundtrack to escape-tour....yes I have also friends who changed their meaning about them but I like the new album too....of course the 2 lasts albums are different....but this stylechange isnt annoying me. Yes it's true they'll never top Jester Race....
I've seen them in Z7 Pratteln Switzerland (that's why my english's so bad :rolleyes: ) and i think I would go to see them again because the gig was great!!!after two bands who sucked really....caliban and another.... :kaioken:

BLS 2004-08-13 14:43

Caliban suck...

yet you like the new in flames

me is confused

obrien20 2004-08-17 11:32

:kaioken: fuck in flames :kaioken:

Rapture 2004-08-17 15:15

this thread makes me cry. although i agree that the last 2 albums havnt been very good, noone can deny the incredible first 5 albums. In Flames being my favorite band i am of course a little biased but you get the point. and yes, KsE sucks and Children of Bodom kick ass. you did indeed pick the right show, although i would have liked to go to both

kidikaspoginagogin 2004-08-25 20:15

i 100% agree with andrew. in flames is such an awesoem band and really know how to play their instruments. children of bodom is also amazing and anyone who says they "suck" dont appreciate good music and out of this world solos. i saw cob live with iced earth and evergrey. and cob was the only band to have an encoure. and they werent even headlining either. i missed the in flames show. can anyone you went please list the set list of the songs please?

xybek 2004-11-07 02:31

I got to see that tour and As I Lay Dying was bad a$$, they knew how to keep the crowd pumped enough for In Flames. In Flames are still great and they played a great show except the fact that they didn't play Ordinary Story(My favorite song) and that sucked but other than that Killswitch Engage rocked and moved the VIC Theatre till it almost collapsed. One of my greatest shows i've been to.

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