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shemit 2004-03-28 05:00

favorite effect?
just postin a thread to see what ur favorite effects are.

mine, probably,...either bassballs or big muff pi distortion

Mordor 2004-03-28 09:31

my fave effects are wah,chorus and distortion which are all from my boss gt6

guitar_demon 2004-03-28 09:40

besides distortion just the wah

xdislexicx 2004-03-28 11:03

distortion is a given.. and it really shouldnt even count as an effect because alot of people don't even use cleans... and cleans shouldnt be an effect either.

my favorite pedals are.. the ibanez cf7 chorus/flanger and the digitech whammy xp.
the cf7 has a great flange and a great chorus, plus the whack'd mode gives me crazy and unique sounds on top of that.... so its one of those multi effect pedals that isnt really a multi effect pedal because its just one really versitile stompbox.
and the whammy xp is a similar situation as far as having several uses to one expresion type get the high quality whammy/pitch shifter/octave shit like a whammy pedal... but then it also has 3 different types of wah or it can be used as a simple volume pedal. and then as an added bonus... a built in chromatic tuner.

so that right there is almost a dozen of my favorite effects in two high quality pedals.

brainsforbreakfast 2004-03-28 14:26

I cant pick between delay and flange, but i had both on my boss me-6, and now its broken :angry:

BLS 2004-03-28 14:52

a tuner or a noise surpressor

Dyldo 2004-03-28 15:24

I like delay alot.

Delay + Pitch Shifter + Pedal = Really errie shit.

BestialWarrior 2004-03-28 15:58

Probably, the same as what Darko mentioned. On the Peavey processor I had, it was called "Black Hole." It's basically, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and pitch-shifter mixed in one. Sounds like your doing 2 to 3 things at once.

DEAD 2004-03-28 20:46

I'm poor, I only have an Ibanez sustainer/compressor which I dont use. But I'm loking into gettinga wah soon.

MorbidGuitar 2004-03-28 23:22

Originally Posted by DEAD
I'm poor, I only have an Ibanez sustainer/compressor which I dont use. But I'm loking into gettinga wah soon.

bluesbreaker and wah

Metaldave 2004-03-30 15:03

I like phase..... or chorus on clean.

The Doctor 2004-03-30 15:06


xdislexicx 2004-03-30 20:24

Originally Posted by The Doctor

do you mean flanger?

BozoNightmare 2004-03-30 22:16

Wah's good for funky blues stuff. Flanger and delay also good. But Darko knows a good effect when he hears one : Delay + Pitch Shifter. I use my gfx-5 to double my guitar half a step down (making dissonant tones) + reverb + delay + slow attack (violin) + crank up the gain for some feedback. Then I do some whammy bar dives and harmonics; spookshow! I also like the dissonant wah effect on "Emperor - He Who Sought The Fire", and that rapid tremolo effect (e.g. Obituary - Chopped In Half solo); can someone bloody tell me how to do this!? Do I need a backbender whammy bar thingy or is it an effect pedal?

Azdaroth 2004-04-10 02:19

Distortion + Reverb

AnubisXy 2004-04-13 12:50


The Dimmu Monk 2004-04-16 14:19

Distortion: Metal Zone + Compressor + Reverb

crazy_geetarist 2004-04-16 16:55

wah, flange, delay, a bit of reverb for depth

freek666 2004-05-11 23:08

compressor, delay, noise supressor,chorus, and reverb are my favorite effects
but thats pretty much most of them huh?

xdislexicx 2004-05-12 16:19

t.c. electronics g major + marshall jmp 1 + rolls midibuddy
mmmmmmm.... midi....

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