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brn2h8 2004-03-21 01:42

Please support the scene and register at the newest forum dedicated to Death Metal.


We have added a thread specifically for musicians.

Snyper 2004-03-21 02:26


The Doctor 2004-03-21 07:16


Spam is when you make one-off postings about something self-concerned, don't care if it's your band, a affiliates program you're in, another UBB, WHATEVER...

Expect to get mightily flamed if you spam. It's the only time we suspend rule 2

Don't have the fucking intelligence to READ before you POST?


Undying_Hatred 2004-03-21 07:16

Dosent this site have a thread specifically for musicians?

Sodomaniac 2004-03-21 07:39

This site have a thread specifically for musicians ??? really ?
I have never realized ! :idea: :D

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