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atifman 2004-03-20 17:33

Fun/Easy/Hard/Awesome Metal songs we like to play II
the last one was full, so post what songs you like to play on guitar

NaszC 2004-03-20 22:18

Umm.. let's seee.....

Slayer.- Postmortem, Rainig Blood
Vader.- Cold Demons, Carnal
Stratovarius.- Black Diamond
Lacrimosa.- haha.. Copycat (what an easy one)
Cradle of Filth.- Cuthulu Dawn
Dimmu Borgir.- Maelstrom Mephisto
Liquid Tension Experiment.- Kindred Spirits, Acid Rain <--(solo not finished but well.. the song is great!!)
Metallica.- Master of Puppets, Fade to black, Nothing else Matters, One

yeah.. maybe ive forgoten some.. but i think this are one of my favorite easy/awesome ones....


NaszC 2004-03-20 22:19

Originally Posted by NaszC
Umm.. let's seee.....

Slayer.- Postmortem, Rainig Blood


OOpss... sorry *RAINING BLOOD* :D

MetalThrashingMad 2004-03-22 07:59

Exodus- A Lesson In Violence
And Then There Was None
these songe are on this website and damn accurate. Wish the solos were there too though especially And Then There Was None
Slayer- Praise of Death
Hell Awaits
Nuclear Assault- Radiation Sickness

MorbidGuitar 2004-03-25 00:04

These are my regular favorites (in order too)....

Morbid Angel - Opening of the Gates
Morbid Angel - Heaving Earth
DamagePlan - Pride
Devildriver - Die
Morbid Angel - Eyes to see...
Soilwork - Song of the Damned
Hate Eternal - Powers that Be
Nile - Sarcophagus
Morbid Angel - Curse the Flesh
Morbid Angel - Enshrined By Grace
Bloodbath - Ways to the Grave

and then some limp bizkshit.... ya right

johnmansley 2004-03-25 06:02

Originally Posted by guitarenvy
Hate Eternal - Powers that Be
Morbid Angel - Enshrined By Grace

You should post the tab for those songs, you'd make a lot of people happy.

Undying_Hatred 2004-03-25 10:17

Vader - Xeper
Slayer - Expendable Youth
Morbid Angel - God of Emptyness
In Flames - Episode 666
The Hypocrisy cover of black magic

The Doctor 2004-03-25 10:44

iron maiden - the trooper, aces high
rammstein - spiel mit mir, links 234, rammstein
pantera - cowboys from hell
motorhead - ace of spades
metallica - nothing else matters, enter sandman
saxon - denim and leather
SOD - Pre-mentrual princess blues
Megadeth - paranoid
sepultura - Orgasmatron

johnmansley 2004-03-25 10:59

Akercocke - Enraptured By Evil

Fun, awesome but definitely not easy.

shemit 2004-03-28 04:03

been years since i've played metal songs...working on single string improv and soloing over chord progressions...

one song i still know how to play is 5th Caprice...really cool piece

Fetal Injury 2004-03-28 15:09

Death-Story to tell
and pretty much all the songs from that cd Symbolic.

Machines_Of_Hate 2004-03-29 01:25

gey out the Ibanez
i love to play them low end riffs

Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine, Suffer In Truth
Fear Factory - Body Hammer
Morbid Angel - God Of Emptiness
Dream Theater - Lie (prog metal i know)

I guess i'm just crazy bout them 7-strings

DEAD 2004-03-29 08:08

Slayer - Divine Intervention
Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera
Dying Fetus - One Shot, One Kill
Dying Fetus - Vengance Unleashed
Dying Fetus - Praise The Lord
Malmsteen - Evil Eye
Emperor - Alsvartr
Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards
Emperor - The Loss and Curse of Reverence

johnmansley 2004-03-29 19:04

Speaking of Emperor, I reckon Cosmic Keys To My Creation And Times is quite fun to play. I don't think I've seen it anywhere, but I play the chorus like this:

|------------------|------------------| |------------------|------------------| |------------------|------------------| |-2222222244444444-|-5555555555555555-| |-0000000022222222-|-3333333333333333-| |------------------|------------------| |------------------|------------------| |------------------|------------------| |------------------|------------------| |-2222222233333333-|-5555555555555555-| |-3333333355555555-|-7777777777777777-| |------------------|------------------|

I'm not sure that it follows the guitar exactly (I'm not that much of an Emperor fan) but it follows the overall theme better in my opinion.

Machines_Of_Hate 2004-03-30 01:31

Listen To Some finntroll!
Finntroll - Kitteldags
Finntroll - Rivfader

man, i went to see these live a few years back and i found one of there old cds JAKTENS TID, i gave it a listen and man its soo cool

death_rattle89 2004-03-30 11:32

cannibal corpse - hammer smashed face
pantera- domination, mouth for war, walk, 5 minutes alone

thats all the tabs i have now. i play those and make up alot of my own riffs and shit now usually.

DeathCS 2004-03-30 21:50

Cannibal Corpse- Staring through the eyes of the Dead
Slayer- Raining blood
Deicide- Bible Basher

BEHEMOTH 2004-04-01 10:08

HOW about CAnnibals Skull of magundefinedgots?

kmlm 2004-04-01 20:38

Slayer--Dead Skin Mask
Six Feet Under--Torture Killer
Sepultura--Roots, Territory
Carcass--Blood Splattered Banner
Danzig--lilin child
Death--Crystal Mountain

kmlm 2004-04-01 20:40

Cosmic Keys by Emperor has one of my favorite riffs to play---that opening part is sick sounding!!

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