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FearFrost 2004-03-20 23:29

Spaghetti O's

Nihilist 2004-03-21 00:33


Dyldo 2004-03-21 03:17

Theres no basement in the Alamo!


Def 2004-03-21 08:52

bitchin', some chicks are so hot youde think they melt, luckily I got close enough to catch some of the heat :)

The Doctor 2004-03-21 08:56

vital remains ripps

Corpsevomit98 2004-03-21 11:26

Do they rip ass?

powersofterror 2004-03-21 13:59

Probably in their sleep. Has anyone ever woken up during a fart? It's the weirdest fucking thing in the world.

Dyldo 2004-03-21 14:52

I have woken myself up from the aftermath of the smell. I just laughed.

powersofterror 2004-03-21 16:59


One day I'm going to go to Pizza Hut or Jack in the Box and DEMAND a jar of pizzasauce. If they refuse...I will leave them a horrible note in the suggestion box!:D

Dyldo 2004-03-21 17:18

Why would Jack in the Box have pizza sauce?

powersofterror 2004-03-21 18:28

because they suck, and I know they wouldn't have any....which would make it funny to ask them.

powersofterror 2004-03-21 20:25

Does anyone know Twisted Autumn Darkness? I ask because I feel the Band forum doesn't need hundreds of "do you know who...are?" threads, and they don't have any samples on their website.

Snyper 2004-03-21 22:21

heh last night some guy thought i was a hot chick, not the first time someone thought i was a chick because of my hair, but this dude thought i was hot :sickface:

Dyldo 2004-03-21 22:29

Post a picture. I need spanking material.

Nihilist 2004-03-21 23:25

What is Jack in the Box?

Dyldo 2004-03-21 23:46

An awesome fast food restraunt here in the states..or some of them.

Dyldo 2004-03-21 23:47

I hate when people constantly assume shit.

Def 2004-03-22 02:24

got a guns'n'roses tribute cd, covers by dillinger escape plan and all those kinda bandds, cool stuff.

powersofterror 2004-03-22 04:58

Here, JITBs are all reaaaal slow, and it pisses me off for the 5.50 it costs for a #6.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-03-22 05:46

when i had long hair people always used to assume i was a female when they saw me from the back (posibly because of my blone fluffy hair) and when i turned around they would look really sheepish and wouldnt correct themselves or mension it again, i thought it was funny

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